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icinally-Ally Home Care

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icinally-Ally Home Care introduction

icinally A simple and easy to use app to verify your location at the time of care, manage your shifts, view visit history, view and print pay stubs, and manage your information.

* EVV – Electronic Visit Verification - Made EASY *
Just clock-in and out and we automatically verify your location.

* Clock-In Made Simple *
Select an upcoming visit or one of your care recipients and with a single tap, you are clocked-in.

* Efficient Clock-Out *
Record visit details on an easy to use screen. Select activities performed, report on the care recipient’s performance, and even collect a signature from this easy to use clock-out screen.

* Manage Shifts *
Your upcoming shifts are listed in a clean, easy to manage interface.

* View Shift History *
View details on any shift you’ve worked, from any date.

* View Pay Statements *
Pay stubs and payment details are available to view and print from any period, with a single tap.

* We Are Here For You *
If you have any questions or comments, or if you need assistance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!——Kullanıcı tarafından yüklendi

icinally Description

Android için Ally Home Care 2.4.5 APK modunu indirin, com.jtrsolutions.allyms

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icinally Ally Home Care

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